Bike Talk


Ghost Bike Crew Talks to Families



Danny Gamboa, Ghost Bike documentarian and Ghost Bikes-LA volunteer, with volunteers Jesse Ramon, Anthony Navarro, and Elizabeth O’Neil, speak about Ghost Bike memorials, and take calls by family members of victims of hit-and-runs who’ve had Ghost Bikes put up for them.

With a National Resources Defense Council update by Dylan Gasperik and NRDC lawyers at 1:42:30

Nona Varnado, Bike Trains, Wolfpack Race & She Wolf Attack Team

Listen: imageColin Bogart, LA County Bicycle Coalition Education Director, Hosts Nona Varnado, bicycle advocate, Bike Trains founder, She Wolf Attack Team racer on Bike Trains and the Wolfpack Hustle Race Around City Hall Saturday, July 12; phone call with Susannah Lowber, leader of She Wolf Attack Team

Jul 7

Pedal Love & Women Talk Bikes



California by Bike - host Charlie Gandy, Vice Chair of the California Bicycle Coalition, interviews CalBike’s Executive Director, Dave Snyder

Mindfulness + the Bike, hosted by wellness specialist Kimberly Alexander

We Can All Ride Bikes - League Certified Bicycle Instructor and Pedal Love blogger/host Kellie Morris interviews Wendy Engleberg, the Director of women’s mountain bike club Girlz Gone Riding

Stylish by Bike - host Melissa Balmer, Director of Women on Bikes California and, interviews Steve Isaacs of Sweet Ride U.S.A.

#WomenTalkBikes hosts Daniella Alcedo and Maria Sipin interview Siobhan Dolan, competitive racer and amateur mechanic who talks about a new platform for women’s racing at La Course, the first elite women’s race at Le Tour de France.

Santa Monica Bike Center, Going Somewhere, and Don Ward on Hyperion Bridge



Andrea Zeppilli Aponte, Zach Canning, and Gavriel Dorian talk about the Santa Monica Bike Center; 7:54—Brian Benson talks about his new book, Going Somewhere-A Bicycle Journey Across America; 35:06—Don Ward talks about the Hyperion Bridge.

Bike Co-ops Episode


A Los Angeles bike collective “Round Table” with:
Sharon Porat, Jennifer Varenchik-Valley Bikery, Van Nuys;
Danni Sarmina-Bike oven, Highland Park;
Siobhan Dolan-Bike Kitchen, Silverlake;
Lucas Allmon-Bikerowave, Mar Vista;
Ariel Climer-Bici Libre, Downtown


LACBC, Fig4All, Nona Varnado & Bike Trains

Colin Bogart and JJ Hoffman host LACBC's monthly episode on the River Ride and more; 1:02 the Fig4all June 12th meeting by Cedillo's District 1, plus commentary by Karen Kroener, Joe Linton, Don Ward, and Josef Bray-Ali; 1:21 Nona Varnado's LA Bike Train


Jun 7

Pedal Love and Women Talk Bikes


  • California by Bike-host Charlie Gandy, Vice Chair of the California Bicycle Coalition, gives an update on what’s going on in bike advocacy politically, including a recap of CalBike’s successful advocacy day for May as Bike Month, and the release and distribution of CalBike’s “California by Bike” summer report.
  • A Civil Streets Conversation for California - host Kellie Morris, League Certified Bicycle Instructor and Pedal Love blogger, reminds us that civility starts at home, and delves into how husbands and wives can learn to ride bikes together happily.
  • Mindfulness + the Bike - this is wellness and marketing expert Kim Alexander’s first time hosting this segment, and she shares with us why movement is crucial to our health and well being with the rise of sedentary diseases, and how the bike can play a key role in that.
  • Stylish by Bike - host Melissa Balmer, Director of Women on Bikes California and, discusses how style is more than fashion and how the bike movement can take tips from great movements such as the Civil Rights movement and great storytellers such as Dr. Maya Angelou (who just passed away).

At 1:24, WomenTalkBikes -

Hosts Daniella Alcedo and Maria Sipin interview the Ovarian Psycos, a dynamic bike brigade driven by feminist ideals. The Ovarian Psycos use the bicycle as a tool for empowerment in their neighborhood of Boyle Heights in Los Angeles. With Jocelyn Hernandez, Andi Xoch, Joan Zeta, and Evelyn Martinez

Finish the Interview with Damien Kevitt and Joshua Cohen, plus: Choppercabras

Joshua Cohen, Bicycle Attorney, interviews Damien Kevitt, hit-and-run survivor. Nick Richert visits Choppercabras.


Santa Monica Bike Expo and Multicultural Communities for Mobility

Kirstin Jensvold-Rumage with audio from the May 3-4 Santa Monica Bike Expo. Nick Richert takes a call from Multicultural Communities for Mobility.


Bike Co-ops


Siobhan Dolan and Kora Colasuonno of L.A. Bike Kitchen, with Steve Mattson and Lucas Allmon of Bikerowave, discuss their business models and operations.